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I need to create a better banner
I plan to post my newly revised fanfiction stories on here, and I plan to upload some new ones, so I'm going to make this a friend's only lj.  

Feel free to request me as a friend!  If you are from fanfiction tell me who you are please! 

I'll most likely have the chapters avaiable for download!

Don't anticapte me updating or uploading anytime soon, I'm just preparing everything for now.

Thank you for your time!

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luvintulips [userpic]

Please leave feedback if you ordered something from me, thank you so much!


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Anime/ Manga Merchandise Sales Post

Sales Information:

Selling and shipping is from CALIFORNIA
So, all items are shipped through USPS
I accept only PAYPAL
Currency is in USD
International customers please pay in USD

I'll break it up the sales post by series! But first some more info!

Since I don't know about the prices charged by USPS I'll have to go first to the post office in order to get it weighed and to see all the different options available.  I'll only be able to do this on: Friday and Saturday.

So I should totally give credit where credit is deserved I basically copied the lovely ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
lady46192ヽ(*≧ω≦) rules for buyers and how to go about buying.  I was ignorant and didn't give her credit before, so I'm doing it now!  Check out her store she has tons of goodies!

Further info: (please read the following)


  • Payment is in USD only and only Paypal is accepted.  For now I'll allow the choice of personal payments as Gift (since I don't really know the difference between a payment and the gift thing).  I'll make a note on here if I change the policy.

  • Once you confirm the sale is final


  • NO refunds or returns once the item/and or items are sold.

  • I will not be responsible for any lost packages if you decide to forgo the purchase of insurance.

  • Shipping cost will be combined if you buy more than 1 items together.

  • There will be a $1 fee for materials on all orders/and or items!

How to go about buying:

  1. Confirm what you want to buy and please state your zip code and if you have a preferred shipping method.  I'll most likely PM you for your address though. 

  2. Once I send you the different shipping methods available, you get to choose which one you'll like.  I'll send  you the total which includes item's price + shipping cost + $1 and you'll pay by using Paypal: personal payments and choosing it as gift in USD currency to my Paypal account which I'll provide to you once you confirm your purchase. 

  3. Oh, please make a note of who you are by using your lj username!

  4. Or if you would prefer I could send you a invoice.

  5. I'll confirm your payment and will ship it either on a Friday or Saturday (sorry for the inconvenience, I'm usually busy during the week because of University).

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luvintulips [userpic]

Yes, that is I, I'm iluvorangetulips from fan fiction, I only really write Naruto stories, I have some ideas for Bleach, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Gintama (which by the way is the most underrated manga/anime out there!).  But I just haven't really written them out.  I should but I don't...
I'll probably use my journal as the place where I'll post sneak peeks at my stories, I mean I don't have lots of people who read my stories but I really like them!
I have great friends who enjoy to read my lame stories and give me the encouragement to continue.  The truth is I would like to be an Author in the future, well I don't plan to tell my parents or family about it because they won't understand, so I'll lie!
Actually I have tons of book ideas!
But what I'm working on is a teen story, I won't give any information because it's a secret! But I'm happy about it, I need to tweak it a lot and get some input on it.  But I plan well wish really to be a romance novelist!!! Yes, I would like to join the likes of: Julia Quinn, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Kleypas, Susan Mallery, and Christina Skye to name a few of my favorite authors.
Do you know how  excited I' am about Susan Elizabeth Phillips new book that comes out the 27th? I pre-ordered it last month on Amazon! I can't wait!
Just like I couldn't wait for the final volume of Princess Diaries, I didn't want it to end but I'm happy we have Mia's blog to keep us up to date with our favorite Princess! I just love Meg Cabot her books never fail to make me laugh!
See I'd love to be on the same level as Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen, do you know that her books, Sarah's were the books that I was  obsessed with while I was in High School and I' am still in love with her writing, it's just so beautiful and moving! And I can't wait for Along for the ride!!! Is the cover not beautiful?
But yes, since I won't tell my parents of my plans I'll just keep my plans on here, and hopefully in due time I'll become the author I wish to be! My stories will totally have references to manga and anime! Because my characters are going to be dorks, just like me!

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